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09 - Mar - 2014

MMT Motorcycles - Training CBT to 125cc &Direct Access Licence. MMT Motorcycle Service and Repair - Tyres - MOT prep.

Direct Access

Direct Access Information

Three Steps To Your Full Licence.

Motorcycles you can ride
A moped has a maximum design speed not exceeding 50 km/h (approx. 31 mph). It has an engine capacity no greater than 50 cc and can be moved by pedals, if first used before 1 August 1977. A learner motorcycle has an engine up to 125 cc and a power output not exceeding 11 kW

Full motorcycle licence

Sub-category A1 (light motorcycle)

Sub-category A1 motorcycles used for tests must:
be a solo motorcycle
be between 120cc and 125cc
be no more than 11kW engine power
be capable of at least 55mph

Sub-category A2 (standard motorcycle)

Sub-category A2 motorcycles used for tests must:
be a solo motorcycle
be at least 395cc
be between 25kW and 35kW engine power
have a power to weight ratio no more than 0.2kW/kg

If the engine power of the motorcycle has been restricted to fit sub-category A2, the normal unrestricted power can't be more than double its new restricted power.

If you have an A2 restricted motorcycle, you must bring proof of the restriction to your test, or it will be cancelled. It must be on headed notepaper from a main dealer, official importer or recognised specialist, and must show the motorcycle's registration number.


A dyno test certificate will not be accepted as proof of the restriction.


If the original unrestricted power of your motorcycle was 60kW, you can't restrict it to less than 30kW.

Category A (unrestricted)

Category A unrestricted motorcycles used for tests must:
be a solo motorcycle
be at least 595cc
be at least 40kW engine power

The sub-category of motorcycle you use affects the sub-categories you can ride after passing your test.

You must use the same sub-category of motorcycle for both modules of the test.


You can only use a motorcycle with a sidecar for your test if you have certain disabilities.

The rules for a motorcycle with a sidecar are the same as for a solo motorcycle, but:
categories A and A1 can't have a power to weight ratio of more than 0.16kW/kg
passengers are not allowed to ride in the sidecar during the test

If you pass your test in a motorcycle with sidecar your licence will only be for motorcycles with sidecars.


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